It's the Holiday Season....How will COVID-19 & the flu affect your travel plans?

The holiday season is a special time for many of us! From fellowships with family and friends to eating everything that you wouldn’t normally eat during the year, it’s a fun time! But for some of us, it can be a stressful period. Whether mental or physical health challenges, this holiday season is forcing many of us to rethink our plans.

With COVID-19 and flue season in our midst, how do you plan on navigating the holidays? Do you think it’s safer to continue staying home? Or do you plan on doing virtual family celebrations?

I kid you not. I have CVID ( a primary immune deficiency) a connective tissue disease , im on a handful of immune supressants… im on supplemental oxygen and. I was THISSS CLOSE to buying a plane ticket to spend Christmas with my brother who lives in Florida ! ( crazy right?!). I’ve been told multiple times by multiple doctors that im basically doomed if I get corona. but something about the holidays… is making social distancing SOO hard! like unbearably hard!! Am I the only one who has considered saying “screw it” buying like a full PPE suit, and getting on with life lol

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LOL!!! Of course, not. For me, I have just been reminding myself that quarantining now prevents a wooden box later. It’s extremely hard not being able to interact with family and friends. But I have really appreciated finding new ways to communicate. From zoom meetings to face time, these are the interactions that have been helping me get through. Hang in there!